Saturday, October 20, 2012


I missed my own anniversary!  This past Thursday was one year since I started this photo-a-day blog.  Some days I didn't show up due to illness or being too busy, but I've tried to keep up as best I could. 

I've enjoyed the journey, and sharing it here.  The best part was exploring photo opportunities with KeyRawr.  The many hours we shared, the laughs, the shots we'd come away with.  She's the one with the real photography talent!

I have so many favorite pictures, but I chose this one for today.  I took this at the State Fair last year.  It was the best State Fair in memory.  The butterfly also represents the gentle spirit, soft as butterfly wings, of my best friend who shares my love for all things creative.  You may be too many miles away, but I treasure the snapshots that I carry in my heart.  I love you!