Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Horsing Around

Today's photo outing was eventful and productive.  After two days of off and on rain, the sun was mostly out and it wasn't that cold.  Oldest, KeyRawr and I went to a different area of the nearby lake and took a few pictures there.  This was my favorite photo of the lake and trees with their changing leaves.

After the lake, I wanted to show KeyRawr where Youngest used to practice T-ball, but either the area grew up around it or I took a wrong turn, because I couldn't find the open field.  I kept driving and ended up in a small town I'd never even heard of called Providence.  KeyRawr saw horses from the road, so I pulled off into this nearby parking lot, and we walked over to ask a lady if the horses belonged to her and if we could photograph them.  She was gracious enough to allow us to take pictures of her horses.  She'd been in the process of scaring off a mouse that was in her shed, and I ended up scaring her as she hadn't heard us walk up. 

There was a few horses and two donkeys.

I guess this guy wanted his close up.  

It was around feeding time, and I think these two were more interested in getting their food rather than cooperating for photos, but they did cooperate very well.  Beautiful animals.  I was glad we found them.


  1. All of these look fantastic! They are such beautiful animals. I really love the fuzzy donkey one.. I don't know why - probably because of its fuzzy hair - but he/she reminds me of Kizzy. Ha! I think that's why I'm so attracted to it.
    All of these photos came out quite amazingly, though. This was probably my favorite photo op thus far.

  2. Thanks! The fuzzy donkey was pretty cute. I enjoyed this photo op, too.