Saturday, November 12, 2011

More Lights

I imagine I'll have more photos of lights over the next month and a half.  We'd gone to see if the Christmas lights were on in the park, but they haven't set everything up yet.  So, we went to Frisco Square and found these pretty blue lights.  These were outside an Italian restaurant called Josephine's, and it smelled really good.

And, not a Christmas light, but a light in the park.


  1. The first picture makes me think of rain - like the blue lights are glowing rain drops.
    The light post looks awesome aswell!

  2. Ooo, glowing rain drops, I like it. I can see that.
    Thanks. It's amazing how that little tripod helps with getting a clearer (at least somewhat) photo in the dark. Now if only I had a better camera. :D