Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Shopping

KeyRawr and I went shopping today.  The picture is of a couple of things that I bought for myself.  Still playing with different effects (layers and patchwork from Foto Flexer). 
First, we went to Old Navy to look for some boots.  I got these black ones with a wedge heel and buckles.  We both got two tops.  Then, we went to JCPenney so I could get a link taken out of my watch.  Funny thing, the way the links are, I could've done it myself and I didn't even know that.  It's a Relic, and not sure if they're all made that way or what.  We also went to Forever 21, Charlotte Russe and Victoria's Secret.  Fun, fun stores.

The weather was cool, but not too bad at first, but it was much colder and raining by the time we came out of the mall.  Winter is definitely trying to make its arrival.  We stopped at Whataburger and brought burgers home for dinner.

A fun day of girly shopping and yummy food.

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