Sunday, November 6, 2011


This time change is already messing with me.  I don't like that it gets dark earlier.  It makes it seem like you have less time to do stuff. 

Not that I did much today.  The plan was to get some allergy medicine because whatever I have (cold/allergies/whatever) is kicking my butt and I haven't slept well the past two nights.  Which is probably also why I passed out on the couch this afternoon, fully dressed, shoes on, and everything.   But anyway, made a trip to Walmart and got a few other things with the allergy medicine.  And for some reason, apparently feeling like death warmed over makes me want to clean, because I cleaned my bathroom, the kitchen and dining room table tonight.

And speaking of Walmart, I'm so not ready to be assaulted with the smell of cinnamon and the sound of Christmas music.  I'm not a scrooge, the holidays are great, but it's soooo early. 


  1. That picture came out very nicely! I also like the border you added, it gives a nice touch.

    Your ending statement made me laugh. "I'm so not ready to be assaulted with the smell of cinnamon and the sound of Christmas music." That is how it feels when you walk through the doors, isn't it? I like the smell of cinnamon but it was almost over-powering.

    Anyway, great post! :D

  2. Thank you! Yes, it was over-powering, for sure.
    Glad you like the post. :)

  3. It is early for Christmas. They're already putting out Christmas decorations, and in some places, music!!! We're barely a week past Hallowe'en, fer pity's sake!

  4. We were seeing Christmas decorations even before Halloween. It's crazy.