Sunday, December 11, 2011

Angry Birds

I don't know about you, but I like Angry Birds.  The games, the merchandise.  I normally don't get into things that are popular, simply for that very reason.  Because they're popular.  But ever since I got my iphone earlier this year for my birthday (and believe me, I tried to dismiss that, too, telling the husband that it was "too much phone, and I don't need all that fancy stuff"), somehow I became addicted to the apps like Angry Birds.

So, I was excited when KeyRawr informed me of the Angry Birds event that a nearby Barnes & Noble was hosting today.  They were doing a scavenger hunt of the Mighty Eagle and a raffle.  KeyRawr, Oldest and I went over there and I got more details from a store employee.  It had started at 11:00 and we got there a few minutes after. 

The goal was to find the Mighty Eagle "token" hidden within the store, take it to Customer Service and then enter for the raffle that would take place at 3:00.  Well, I found the "token" (more like a square piece of cardboard) with an angry bird on it with the words "Happy Angry Birds day.  Congratulations!  You've found the Mighty Eagle."  I wasn't sure that was even it at first because when the employee kept saying "token", I'd imagined a small gold coin, and that's what I'd been looking for.  

I took my win up to customer service, and entered my name for the raffle.  We left soon after since you didn't have to be present to win.  Oh, and the prize for winning the raffle (which I guess I didn't win since they haven't called me) was an Angry Birds t-shirt.  There was two tokens hidden throughout the store, and as they were both turned in, employees would rehide them again.  A little girl found the second one right after I found the first one. 

Okay, all of that just to find the Mighty Eagle, enter a raffle and leave with nothing?  They could've at least given me a t-shirt for finding the thing, and then I could enter the raffle for other merchandise.  Sounds reasonable, right?

Oh well, if nothing else, I found some other Christmas gift ideas while I was looking around the store in search of the Mighty Eagle.

Maybe that was their evil plan all along.  A ploy to get people into the store to buy other things.  As if they need a ploy to get me in there, or anyone else, for that matter.

I was all excited about finding the Mighty Eagle token that I forgot to get a picture of it, so here's the next best thing...a spiral I bought a while back to use for a writing contest.  Not the Mighty Eagle, but it is an angry bird.


  1. I'm sorry you didn't win. :( It was still fun to go to, even if it was an evil ploy to get us in the store!

  2. Oh, it's okay. I was excited I found the token at least. And it *was* fun to go. :)