Monday, December 26, 2011

Day After Christmas

I was either too busy before our Christmas dinner, or too full and tired afterward to post anything yesterday.  By the time I crawled into bed some time after midnight, I didn't even mind that I'd missed another day (twice now, but who's counting?).  It was Christmas.  I deserve a little break, right? 

Even though I didn't post, I did take a photo of all the goodies I received - three angry birds, two bracelets (one says 'Mom', the other has wintery charms), two fragrance sets (Sweet Pea and Love Spell), a sock monkey, and a necklace with a key pendant that I don't have pictured here because I had to remove a knot upon opening it, and once I fixed that and put it on, I didn't want to take it off.

I opened these cute socks on Christmas Eve.

I hope everyone enjoyed their day!


  1. Christmas was great, I miss it already.. the sock monkey socks are adorable. I'm glad you liked everything you got. :)

  2. I loved it all. The greatest gift is having all of you guys to share it with.