Saturday, December 24, 2011


Day 12:  Gather everything you've written over the previous 11 days.  Pick your favorite.  Edit it, polish it and either try to get it published or post it on the web to share with the world.  Be proud of yourself and your work.

Well, it's the last day of the 12-day plan of simple writing exercises from WD.  This has been fun, and kept me busily writing.  I'll put up my favorite piece later today or sometime before Monday. 

My photo for today is a pile of leaves in the front yard. I've been wanting to rake them into a pile and take a picture since they all fell off the tree a couple weeks ago.  I took that opportunity this morning.


  1. I sadly failed the 12 days of writing. =/ Great photo, brings back memories.

  2. Thanks! It's funny that the piles I raked are still out there. Well, maybe not now since it got so windy this evening.

    I forgot to post my favorite thing that I wrote during the 12 days of writing. Hopefully within the next week, I'll get that up.