Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On Fire

For day 1 of the 12-day plan of simple writing exercises, the 'prompt' is to write 10 potential book titles of books you'd like to write.  Fun stuff!

Here is my list and a little explanation of each:
The Other Side (paranormal ghost story)
In Bloom (contemporary romance)
Emerald Eyes (contemporary romance)
Heather's Harp (children's story)
Sullivan's Shamrock (children's story)
Claire's Castle (children's story)
Maggie and the Magical Faerie (children's story)
Finn's Fiddle (children's story)
Reunion (contemporary romance)
Lucky in Love (contemporary romance)

I had fun with my list.  If these were to come to fruition, the titles with names would be a children's book series.  They totally feed my current obsession with all things Irish.  Even a couple of the romance titles have that angle.

Writing this list also brought me back to ideas that I'd had and let fade.  Also, when talking with a writer friend recently, I had to admit that I'd missed the lulu contest deadline.  In three short sentences, they had me inspired and ready to stop missing out.

FC: There will be other deadlines. 
Me:  Missing deadlines, story of my life.
FC:  You gotta lot more life left, change the story.

Smart words from a smart friend.  And my photo for today.  The desire to write burns as bright and hot as this fire.

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