Saturday, December 17, 2011


Day 5Write a 20-line poem about a memorable moment in your life

There's lots of these I can choose from, too.  So which one will I choose?  Today was another busy day, and I hadn't even given today's writing prompt much thought, other than when I glanced at it earlier this morning.  I will come up with something.

Tonight, Oldest, KeyRawr and I went to the balloon glow in Frisco Square.  I've always wanted to attend the big balloon festival that Plano does every year, but have yet to make it, so, tonight, even as small as it was (only three balloons), I got a taste of how beautiful these things really are up close.

Here's one of my favorite shots that I got.

And when I turned around earlier in the evening, there were all these birds on the court house in the square, and I just couldn't resist.  I shared my photos with the husband.  He said this looked like a creepy old building you'd see in a scary movie.  I was like, 'Yes!' 

We also went on a carriage ride which was fun, but no pictures of that.  It was too hard to focus because of the lighting and movements of the horse.


  1. Two great photos! I agree with your husband, too. Excellent work.

  2. Thanks. Yeah, the court house photo had the desired effect. :)