Friday, January 13, 2012

Photography Tips Friday

A friend shared a few links with me the other day, and I wanted to pass them along here.  These two were my favorite.  The guy in the first series is very easy to understand, and has lots of information.  After watching his first two tutorials, I pulled my owner's manual out of the closet, dusted it off, and actually looked through it for the first time.  I've basically figured out most of the settings on the camera on my own, but having the book, and these videos, is helpful.

I'm thinking about taking the free photography course that Karl Taylor offers.  I liked his video on YouTube about lighting because that's something I seem to have a lot of trouble with.

And today's photo is of my baby, Mia.  I was planning to do some macro photography, and did attempt some, but they didn't turn out so well.  Practice, practice!

So, before the macro session, Mia was sitting on the ledge over the tub in the bathroom, her tongue flicked out, and I caught it at just the right time.

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