Thursday, March 22, 2012


One of the things I look forward to on the weekends lately is catching up on reading.  I even made myself a list called 'The Next Five' as a way to keep track of what I'm currently reading, and the next five books I want to read from my shelves so I can hopefully get rid of some older books and make room for others.  Things I know I want to keep.  Right now, I'm alternating between reading "It Takes a Witch" by Heather Blake and the Irish Born trilogy by Nora Roberts.

The books in the picture are from a goody box my mom sent us recently with some Easter candy.  She's sent me every James Patterson book she's ever read.  I've yet to read them.  Maybe someday. 

I'm sure I'll enjoy the Janet Evanovich books. So far, I've read the first Stephanie Plum novel, and that was fun. 

I love, love, love Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb.  Can't wait to get into these. 

And I haven't read any of Jessica Beck's Donut Mystery series, but these look cute.

Ah, weekends and books! 


  1. I have one or two chapters left of Wolfsbane now! Yay for books. :)

  2. Definitely yay for books! And now that you've finished Wolfsbane, did you start Bloodrose? I look forward to reading that series.