Thursday, April 5, 2012


Day 5 promptWrite a before your time poem.


Two old souls found each other
within the crowd of faceless faces
and nameless names.  With one look,
one smile, one small word,
our lives seamlessly became one -
until it wasn't.

There was no denying the attraction,
the unspoken understanding
in each moment we shared the same breath.
I wish I'd known my own heart better, held
yours tighter as it beat against mine -
until it didn't.

The shocking truth of life's fragileness
still haunts me, shakes me to the core,
wakes me from comfortable slumber
to remind me that we had all the time
in the world -
until we didn't.

With no chance to properly say
goodbye, with so many other things
left unsaid, I chase your ghost, let
your presence comfort me, hold on
to memories I can't release -
until I can.


  1. This is an extraordinary poem. I felt every emotion and I'm very sorry about the inspiration for this poem. But it did turn out very well. <3

  2. Thanks so much. This was a tough prompt. As you know, I floundered about with this one for days, and where I went with it was even harder to write about, but I'm glad I finally got it just right. <3