Thursday, April 19, 2012

Life Events

Day 19:  Write a life event poem.

Lost and Found

An independent nature keeps her feet
planted on the ground, but somewhere her mind
has wandered and untimely death she'll meet,
not to make it home, but return in pine.
Unfortunately, this she couldn't cheat.


When I Do

Whenever I do
satin bells and delicate
butterfly wings will
dance in the soft ocean breeze,
carry vows on sunset hues.


  1. Aw duckies!!! Ha cute photo!

    Lost and Found - Heavy emotions weigh on this one. Very well written. I'm curious of the inspiration?

    When I Do - Beautiful poem, love the imagery (even in a metaphorical way.) It's talking about a wedding or marriage? That's what I take from it. :)

  2. Love the duckies!

    The inspiration for Lost and Found was memaw's mother who had alzheimers and died shortly after being in a car accident.

    Yes! You got it. It's a wedding. I kind of wanted something a little lighter/happier after the heavier one.