Sunday, April 22, 2012


Day 22:  Write a judging poem.


Coffee grounds sit on the counter all day
forty-eight crayon drawings on the wall
dirt stained carpet won't be going away
we'll play in the sand, our chores will be stalled
critical eye scans to judge the decay.

When I saw today's prompt, I remembered a poem I wrote 5 years ago that I knew would fit.  I wanted to show it here, too, and maybe spot some progress between then and now, but not sure I see it.  Anyway, here it is:


Across the table
I sit
drowning in the shallowness
of her conversation
and I eye her
through the swirling green liquid
of her apple martini
the smell of disappointment wafts to my nostrils
as she takes a sip
making her perfections
distorted and ugly
I hold the vision
and drink my own choice of poison
feel the burn in the back of my throat
just like the words
I want to speak, but don't


  1. I think the reason you don't see much difference in your writing between the poem from 5 years ago and the poem you wrote for this prompt is because you perfected your writing style already. :) This is definitely signature you - and I mean that in the best way possible! I can definitely pick up on your voice! But I will say I think you do improve each time you write a poem, just making them greater and greater as you go. Expectations so perfectly fit the prompt. The ending is very funny as well. :)

  2. Awww, thank you! I really appreciate that. <3

    I took that picture when we ate at Angelina's on Sunday. It's part of the menu. Ha, I was desperate for a photo.