Monday, April 16, 2012

Mixed Up

I'm glad to finally be caught up with the poem-a-day challenge.  I've been writing, but some days the words just don't turn out like I want them to, so my posts get behind.
Yesterday's prompt made me think of the word clouds you can make at Wordle with blocks of text that you've written (not my own photo for the day, but it is a screen shot of words from some of my latest poems), and I tried to get that up last night but after fighting with it  for half an hour, I gave up.  This morning, refreshed and determined, I sat down to try again and finally got it!  Easy stuff if you don't leave out important steps!  It goes just as well with today's "mixed up" prompt, too, I think.

Day 16Write a mixed up poem.

Mixed Up

The cat thinks it's a dog.
The dog doesn't know which way is up.

Why is the fish swimming upside down?

Why is there a penny in my coffee cup?

The hamster is changing colors.
The chameleon is spinning on his wheel.

What is that on the floor?

Who didn't throw away their orange peel?

The turtle twitches his nose.
The rabbit just can't win the race.

Where is Henry the ferret?

Why are there so many animals in this place?


  1. So funny! "Better half/oldest son" was write when he said you should write children's books! :P

  2. *right. Got write on the brain.

  3. This poem was fun and unexpected for me. Thank you both for the encouragement! :)