Thursday, April 26, 2012


Okay, a day behind but here's day 25:  Write a poem about a sport.

For this prompt, several ideas came to me and it was hard to stick to just one.  I had more half-finished poems at the end of the day than anything else.

Today, I managed some that I was actually happy with. 

Three haikus:

She's such a bad sport
no one wants to play with her
she runs from herself.

I watch from afar
not partaking in the sport
if it meant I'd lose. 

He wears a sport coat
and a smug smile while he drives
his fancy sports car.

In the Outfield

A ponytailed girl of nine stands in left field.
Some say there's not a lot of action out here,
but she catches all kinds of butterflies with her mitt,
chases her dog in her mind,
stomps ants with her fast running shoes,
hits dandelions to watch the tiny seeds
parachute in the wind, and runs out of breath
for the fleeting moment when a ladybug lands on her arm.
She scores a home run with each new find.