Friday, April 27, 2012

The Trouble Is...

Day 27:  The Trouble Is (blank)

The Trouble Is I Procrastinate Too Much

Like right now when I close my eyes
and will the words to come,
but instead I'm more interested in the noises
within the quiet walls and the world outside -
the fizzing Dr Pepper can on my desk,
the wind as it howls, breathes heavily 
down my neck to get my work done,
the cat curled up in the corner snoring,
how much better I'd feel myself if I slept,
the laundry that didn't get done, the book I want to read,
the e-mail I just had to open because the
knowledge that I have mail stares at me
like a flashing neon sign, a beacon in the night,
it's all an unavoidable pull.


A constant battle,
a fight I often don't win.

For Day 26 (write an animal poem), I had a lot of ideas that just didn't pan out again.  I wanted to write about our cute, fuzzy, loveable cats, but finding the right words proved harder than it should've been, and I was just too tired to keep trying.  One of those days. 

June bugs flit
against the window at night
it sounds like rain

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