Monday, May 28, 2012


I've spent the long weekend doing not much of anything which is just fine with me.  Friday, I was going to run an errand but the battery in my car was dead.  I spent most of that day with the new book I just started reading.

Saturday, I watched a few movies on LMN.  I normally don't do that, but these movies drew me in with their creepy characters and suspenseful stories.  My battery got fixed on Saturday.

Sunday, the husband and I went out to eat for lunch and saw MIB3 which was pretty good.  I've always liked Tommy Lee Jones. 

I spent a day and a half away from the computer.  Mostly because the couch was comfy and I was too lazy to walk to the study.  Unusual, for sure, but it was nice to unplug for a while, if only from the internet.

Time to prepare for the last week of school, and Camp NaNoWriMo (June 1). 

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