Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Recap

I took this today when we went out to eat.  I'd edited the picture in Instagram and posted it there.  I wanted to edit the original a different way using one of my favorite photo editing sites, but for some reason the editor thing wasn't working.  This is the original, in all its weird shadows and uncropped glory. 

When I was typing the post title for this entry, I accidentally typed 'weekend recrap'.  Freudian slip?  The weekend itself wasn't bad, but the crap part could be attributed to the way I feel after drinking an iced coffee.  I tried one for the first time yesterday.  Had another one today.  I get really amped up, and the crash is horrible.  No more iced coffee for me?  Bummer.  They taste sooo good.

I also bought a CD on itunes over the weekend. Run Wolves Run by Sean Hayes.  I'm totally in love with the song "When We Fall In."  Eargasmic!  I just noticed that he has a new CD coming out next month.  Yay!

Went to watch Bourne Legacy last night.  Not my favorite kind of movie, but the husband wanted to see it, so we went.  Here are a few I do want to see:  Hope Springs, ParaNorman, and Hotel Transylvania.

And, I bought a new book.  I'd seen "Wake" by Amanda Hocking at the store the other day.  The pretty, pretty cover had me wondering what it was about.  I didn't get it then, but I did pick it up on a return trip today.

Good food, music, and books.  All in all, not a bad weekend.

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