Friday, September 7, 2012

Old Cabins

Check out this week's gallery at Jessica Rogers PhotographyHere's my offering - part of a beautiful old cabin with white eyelet detail curtains.

I'm also looking forward to an arts, antiques and autos event this weekend.  Hopefully the weather holds out and it'll be a great opportunity for some more photos.

P.S.  Speaking of old things...I hope I don't end up grouchy when I'm old.  I was at my doctor's office this morning and some older man was asked to sign some papers. He grumbled about why he had to do it, which was explained to him several times by a woman at the front desk, and said it was a "waste of time."  Waste of time?  Dude, you're sitting in the doctor's office waiting.  What else are you really doing? 

Sigh...some people.  So glad it's Friday!

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